Please complete the form below to apply for an SCCA Pro Racing License. 
Please download and fill out the Credit Card Authorization prior to beginning for ease of submitting.

2021 Fees: 
SCCA Pro Racing License: $300 plus SCCA Membership

Submissions are not consider complete without the necessary documentation outlined below. To prevent delays, be sure to submit all required paperwork together. Any submissions received less than two week prior to the start of an event are subject to a $150 late fee. Applications received the week of an event may not be processed in time.

Driver Information

Not a member in 2020? Simply type "new member"

Please include details on who you plan to run with and in what series.

Additional Documents

Annual waivers are required for all drivers, new or returning.

Medical Form

Examination & Medical History Forms are required to be kept on file for all drivers. Renewing drivers do not need to submit a new form unless the form has expired. Not sure if your medical has expired? Here are the parameters:

  • Applicants that are less than 40 years old must renew their Physical Examination every five years.
  • Applicants that are at least 40 years old must renew their Physical Examination every three years.
  • Applicants that are at least 50 years old must renew their Physical Examination every two years.

Please be sure your examining physician fills out all areas of the form by hand, including a signature and date. For an example of a correctly fill out form, click here.

Racing Resume

Details should include:

  • Years of competition
  • Series competed with
  • Results from official events
  • Information elaborating why you've been held out of competition by a sanctioning body if applicable

Head Shot Photo 

New drivers or those wishing to change their head shot photo on file, must upload a color JPG file.

Additional Questions? 

Ask away!

By clicking the confirmed button, the Applicant agrees to permit the SCCA Pro Racing and its assigns (including, but not limited to, subsidiaries, series sponsors, promoters/organizers of the Event), free of any charges, duties or fees, to use, license, reproduce, have reproduced, show, have shown, without limitation in space or time, all drawings, soundtracks, photographs, trademarks, films/video pictures concerning competitors, their drivers, teams or cars involved in the event(s) on any medium whatsoever for any documents, reports, coverage, broadcast, program, publication, video game or model production, software, etc. whether past, present or future. The Applicant further acknowledges and agrees that SCCA Pro Racing may freely assign or License its rights to a third party.

I hereby certify that the information above is correct. I realize any falsification may result in the loss of a discount and/or membership. By accepting weekend membership in the SCCA, I agree to conduct myself according to the highest standards of behavior and sportsmanship in a manner that shall not be prejudicial to the reputation of the Club or fellow members. I will abide by the Code of Member Conduct both at SCCA-sanctioned events and away and will strive to uphold the SCCA Mission, Vision and Values and the Welcoming Environment. By clicking Yes, below, I am agreeing to become a temporary member of SCCA on the terms stated, and subject to the terms and conditions contained in the documents referenced, above.

Payment is Required

Find the link to download this form above.