Group A Racing excited to be on board with F4

Group A Racing excited to be on board with F4

The Group A Racing family is adding the new Formula 4 United States Championship powered by Honda to their extensive resume.

Jonathan Scarallo, Group A’s team manager, calls the addition a “no-brainer.”

“Because of our involvement in Formula Lites, we knew instantly that we wanted to be involved in F4,” Scarallo said. “These are the latest, state-of-the-art cars and the drivers are being taught how to drive this type of car from day one. All of that is going to translate and get built upon as they move up the professional racing ladder.”

The success of Group A’s Formula Lites run, which launched last year, will support their inaugural season in F4. 

“It’s a new car and new formula for everybody,” Scarallo said. “Everybody has to learn what this particular car likes or what it wants. That’s a particular skill set for a team to learn, and we just did that this past year with Formula Lites.”

However, Scarallo believes their best advantage is in their personal and passionate approach to driver development.

“We run a full and extensive program that turns the drivers into complete professional drivers in the car, as well as out of it,” Scarallo said.

At the starting line of acquiring a driver, the Group A Racing team begins a full evaluation and tailors specific development programs to each driver, turning weaknesses into strengths and fortifying already-strong skills.

For some drivers, the focus will be on fitness growth. For others, Scarallo and his team will grow a driver’s business awareness or race craft development.

“We treat [the drivers] as if their last name was Scarallo,” said Scarallo. “We take it personally for the drivers to come to us, race with us and grow with us. We truly care about their careers and work with the drivers and their families in more detail than they’d find anywhere else.”

Group A Racing looks forward to continuing their on-track success when the 2016 F4 U.S. Championship kicks off at Lime Rock Park on May 27.