F4 on the Leading Edge

F4 on the Leading Edge

Leading Edge Grand Prix, a racing team out of Cape Coral, Florida, brings expertise and passion to the Formula 4 United States Championship powered by Honda.

Leading Edge president and chief engineer Mark Weida brings 38 years of experience and highly-qualified personnel to the F4 track.

“We’ve been around auto racing our entire lives and we’ve all made it to the top,” Weida said. “There are no egos on our team, just dedicated men and women focused on making our drivers the best they can be.”

Leading Edge focuses not only on the on-track skills of these young drivers but provides them with off-track training as well.

Drivers are taught the necessary open-wheel training, such as engineering, mechanics and coaching, but also equally important marketing, public relations and hospitality lessons that set Leading Edge drivers apart.

“Leading Edge Grand Prix offers some of the most qualified team members in motorsports, but our driver program reaches far beyond just on-track performance to help them become well-rounded in media involvement, sponsorship presentations and fan involvement,” Weida said. 

Backed by personnel from IndyCar, Formula 1, American Le Mans and World Challenge, Leading Edge deeply invests in their drivers and develops them to advance to the pinnacle levels of the sport.

Leading Edge and their drivers Robbie Pecorari, Moises De la Vara and Konrad Czaczyk begin their bright future with 2016 F4 U.S. Championship when the series launches at Lime Rock Park on May 27.