IndyCar and NFL stars team up for F4

IndyCar and NFL stars team up for F4

Scott Goodyear, a five-time IndyCar winner and ESPN on ABC color analyst, is teaming up with three-time Indy 500 starter Dr. Jack Miller and four-time Super Bowl champion Adam Vinatieri to launch GMV Motorsports and support two drivers in the 2016 Formula 4 United States Championship powered by Honda.

“We believe that F4 is the best step for young karters to graduate into a formula series,” said Goodyear. “Not only is it safe and cost-efficient, but F4 will focus on letting these young people go out and show their talents as drivers.”

 Goodyear, Miller, and Vinatieri Motorsports will be a family affair. Goodyear’s son, Michael, will be racing in the F4 series this year, while Miller’s son, Jack William, will make his F4 debut in 2017. Joining the family is Austin Kaszuba, a 19-year-old driver from Dallas, Texas.

“From a dad’s perspective, I’m very pleased with this F4 series from a safety standpoint,” said Goodyear. “I want my son to be in the best and safest car and the package that the SCCA has put together is nothing short of that.”

 Goodyear also serves as the Audi Driving Experience Canada’s Chief Instructor and is no novice to developing drivers.

 “I enjoy teaching and I understand what it’s like to jump from a go-kart to formula cars, because I did it,” said Goodyear. “From setting the car up to speaking to engineers, I’ve been there and I understand the driver’s mindset.”

 Miller did not start racing until he was 26 years old, running his first Indy 500 race at 35, so he knows firsthand how to navigate the business element of the racing industry.

 “I had to figure out how to find sponsorship and raise the money to get through my career,” said Miller. “Our drivers, along with their parents, will have my hands-on help.”

 This includes Miller working through proposal presentations with drivers’ parents and helping them through the business-to-business elements that are necessary.

“More than just getting decals for the car, I want these drivers to understand the business of racing, so they can move forward in their career and climb the ladder,” said Miller.

 Vinatieri, a four-time Super Bowl champion, current Indianapolis Colts kicker and close friend of Miller, is also joining the team and will instruct the young drivers about “keeping their cool” and getting their minds race-ready.

The Goodyear, Miller and Vinatieri team will make their Formula 4 debut when the 2016 F4 U.S. Championship launches at Lime Rock Park on May 27.