Fast Five with Carl Bennett

Fast Five with Carl Bennett

Carl Bennett has raced with Formula 4 United States Championship (F4 U.S.) since 2022, but it was the 2023 season opener when he finally broke through to take the top step of the podium. Winning the season-opener at NOLA Motorsports Park, the Thailand native kicked off a season that included traveling around the globe while competing in F4 U.S., F4 Spanish Championship and the Asian Le Mans Series. Driving the No. 9 Gonella Racing Ligier JS F4, Bennett caught the attention of the A14 Management team to sign with the company led by two-time F1 World Champion, Fernando Alonso.


Where are you from and what's your favorite thing about your hometown or home country? 

Carl Bennett (CB): “I’m from the middle part of Thailand. The food there is—honestly, I miss it. I miss it a lot. It's crazy, crazy good. There's this chicken and rice dish; it's super simple, but it's super, super nice. It has a crispy type of chicken and the rice is—it's just special.”


Who is your racing idol?

CB: “Fernando Alonso.”



CB: “Because, Fernando Alonso. What else do I need to say?”


Teammate Tyke Durst chimes in, “It’s almost like someone is managed by Fernando.”


Good point. Okay, when and how did you decide that you wanted to race, and how did you get to F4 U.S. Championship?

CB: “Originally, I started karting when I was 13. It was just a fun Father's Day thing—we went go-karting. I really enjoyed it and eventually I started go-karting all around the world. At one point, I did some stuff in the United States and the team I was working with had an F4 car. I started doing some testing with different teams. One thing led to another, and I hopped in an F4 U.S. car for the first time last year.”


If you could only drive one racetrack for the rest of your life, which track would it be? And alternatively, what's the one racetrack that you dream of racing on the most?

CB: “I'd have to say the dream track for me is going to have to be Monaco. I’ve not driven any street circuits, but, man, I've just heard stories and stories and stories from drivers. It sounds amazing.”


Tell me about the one race from your career that really sticks out in your memory—maybe it was your best race, or it’s just your favorite.

CB: “My best memory has to be the F4 U.S. season opener where I got my first Formula car race win. Going in, I knew that it was possible, but I wasn't thinking about it. At the moment, I was just focused on doing my job. The last few laps, I really had my heart in my throat. With the two or three guys behind me, I was just thinking about doing my job, and it all worked out. It was very down-to-the-wire.”